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Legal, Financial and Property professionals are here to help

Legal, Financial and Property professionals are here to help

Legal, Financial and Property professionals are here to help Legal, Financial and Property professionals are here to help

Ancillary Services: Financial Planning, Estate Sales & more

From clean-outs to closing, we've got you covered.


From years of experience helping our clients, we’ve come to understand that when a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning out their apartment or house. We realize that the house is filled with memories for you and your family, and it will be very difficult to take this step. We are very proud to have the opportunity to refer you to our partners who provide these ancillary in North Carolina.

Empty Out and Clean Up Crew:

When you have removed the items that you and your family members want to keep, our partners can step in to finish the clear-out process.  They will donate and recycle as much of what they lug from your inherited home as possible, providing you and the heirs with a donation receipt for any items accepted on your behalf within 14 business days of the service.  They can finish the process with a thorough cleaning, painting, repairs, etc., to the extent of the heirs' instructions.

Estate Liquidation and Tag Sale Company:

Our partners offer a full array of estate and moving sale services, from discrete private sales of a few items to full content liquidation and broom clean services. Every situation is individually assessed to maximize client satisfaction.  Our broad base of knowledge in antiques, art, jewelry, coins, and collectibles serves to maximize your profits. Our partners' flexibility allows us to offer some of the most competitive rates and services in the industry.  We offer on site and off site sales services.

If you are not interested in a public estate sale, we offer direct & private buying services with fair, no quibble prices.  Some of the items we purchase include: antique and mid-century modern furniture, paintings, silver, fine and costume jewelry, china, pottery, coins, old toys, military items, and more.  We are often able to get our clients better offers and more money for their jewelry and coins than jewelers or dealers are offering to pay. Our partners will purchase a single item, a collection, or an entire household.

Certified Financial Planner: 

Our Certified Financial Planners recognize the value in a strong partnership between the financial planner, the estate administration attorney and the Probate Realtor. Financial planners and advisors should work hand in hand with estate attorneys in the area of financial planning, as it’s beneficial to the client’s financial well-being. Here at the NC Probate team, we make sure that you have access to to CFPs and estate attorneys well-versed in figuring out ways to keep your money in your own hands.


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The North Carolina Probate Team is a team of local professionals specifically organized as a comprehensive resource to help the Executor or heirs of an estate face the stressful and time-consuming portions of estate administration.

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